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Handmade Pichwai Painting ~Shri NathJi's Devoted Cows ~

Style Code: Handmade Pichwai Painting IMP10

Handmade Pichwai Painting ~Shri NathJi's Devoted Cows~

This handmade Pichwai painting by Imagineers portrays the Devoted Cows of Shri nathji {The seven years old infant incarnation of Krishna} under the divine light of the auspicious full moon of Sharad Purnima.

This figure of Devoted Cows characteristically are painted wearing peacock feathers as per tradition , symbolising the love and devotion they hold for their protector and beloved ,Krishna.The posture and expressions of Shri nathji Cows in this Classical Pichwai painting communicates their longing to be tended by Shrinathji .The devoted cows are adored by Shri nathji and are puled towards him with absolute submission on hearing his flute from a far. The hand imprints on the body of the devoted cows symbolise thedivine ,affectionate touch that these cows are blessed as a metaphor of adoration that lord Shri nathji holds in his heart for these cows.

The base of this Pichwai handmade painting is a hand spun coton cloth. 

Size of this unframed art is 14 * 11 inches

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