Handmade Miniature Paintings


These miniature handmade art made with lot of love and skills by imagineers .Our skilled artists have poured their hearts into this creation, ensuring that every detail is meticulously painted with utmost devotion. The use of upcycled hard paper as the base adds a touch of sustainability to this artwork, honouring both artistry and the environment.

These Handmade Miniature paintings are made on traditional handmade paper.


Our Imagineers hail from rural area of India.They work on a single peace of these fine arts for weeks. A stretched hand spun cloth and handmade paper is used as base medium. Natural stones are hand crushed and mixed with natural binder to create natural colors. Imagineers use brushes made of natural hair sources with wooden handles. In all,the entire process followed in creating these illustrative art form at Imagineers Studio is completely environment friendly creating minimum carbon footprint in line with original tradition.


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