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Handmade Pichwai Painting ~Shri Krishna Raas Leela~

Style Code: Handmade Pichwai Painting IMP06

Lord Shri Krishna Handmade Traditional Pichwai Painting~ Shri Krishna Raas Leela In Gold and Black Theme ~

This Pichwai painting by Imagineers narrates a famous tale of Shri Krishna Raas Leela ~ when Krishna dances with his gopis at the event of full moon night (purnima) signifying their union of love and devotion.

Shri Krishna in raas leela can be seen playing flute to the sound of which gopis dance captivatingly at the bank of river yamuna full of blossoming lotuses under lush green trees laden with mangoes.

Even the Dev and Devi can be seen entranced with the pure and magnetic sound of Lord Krishna's divine Bansuri played by him while his other gopika devotees are seen engrossed in chanting , playing instruments and offering there devotion to him in different expressions. Cows, peacocks and parrots, all stand immersed and absorbed seeing the spectacular divinity of the seen of Krishna's Raas Leela.

The base of this pichwai handmade painting is a hand spun cotton cloth. all colors used in this painting are made of natural stone pigments.

Size of this unframed art is 6 * 4 feet.


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