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Handmade Pichwai Painting ~Nathdwara Darshan~

Style Code: Handmade Pichwai Painting IMP01

Lord Shri Nath Ji Hand Embossed Traditional Pichwai Painting ~ Nathdwara Darshan ~

This handmade Pichwai painting by Imagineers depicts 7 years old infant incarnation idol of Lord Krishna, abored in the form of Lord Shri Nath Ji who ordains the Shrinath ji temple situated in the Nathdwara city of Rajasthan.

This Painting has been hand embossed using a popular Pichwai theme called 'Nathdwara Darshan' in which the sanctum of lord Shrinathji is illustrated as in real. This theme is popularly known as 'Devotional Shrinath Ji Pichwai'.

The Shri Nath Ji  idol illustrated in this painting shows the typical posture of him holding the Govardhan parvat in one hand and a bansuri along with lotus in another.

His eyes, big and deep like lotus petals is a characteristic of the traditional Nathdwara school of Indian paiting style.

The base of this pichwai handmade painting is a hand spun cotton cloth. all colors used in this painting are made of natural stone pigments.

Size of this unframed art is 3 * 2 feet.

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