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Handmade Mughal Paintings ~ MUART 11 ~

Style Code: Handmade Mughal Darbar Paintings 11

In India, Mughal paintings evolved during the rule of various Mughal rulers like Akbar, Shah Jahan, Jahangir. This Mughal Art form is fusion of Indo-Persian style and belong to the south Asian school of Art. 

This Handmade Mughal  painting  made with natural stone pigments on handwoven fine silk cloth depicts a typical shikaar (Hunting) scene.

After getting number of fariyad ( request) from his people about saving them from two man eater tigers emperor decide to hunt down both man eater tigers. So he camped in jungle with his best man on ground and hunted down both man eater tigers . This particular art work include more Persian style of art as compared to Indian style by using golden blue colour theme exclusively.

Size of this unframed art is 14*20 inches

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